Sunday Brunch at St Regis

Sunday Brunch at St Regis

Sunday Brunch at St Regis

The Sunday Brunch at St Regis is something we have wanted to try since it started few months ago, a luxury treat at 2,650 baht per person for the non wine option. We might not do it twice at least for a while, but we wanted to know how it compares to the Sunday brunch at the Four Season next door.

Set in the beautiful VIU restaurant on the 12th floor of the St Regis, the restaurant offers a unique bird view on the exclusive middle of town ‘Royal Bangkok Sports Club’ golf course. With high ceilings, fluffy carpets and red and white tones, it sets the luxury mood as soon as you step in, even featuring a live sax player sitting the reception corner, maybe a bit loud from where we were sitting.

But ultimately, I came to be amazed, so I skipped breakfast, and I might have skipped last night dinner to make the best of it. I remember going once to the Four seasons brunch with such a hangover I was full with a couple of oysters, what a waste. This time, I was hungry for something extraordinary so as soon as we were set at our oversized table, I was ready to explore the St Regis culinary wonders.

Since the brunch start at twelve, they could just call it lunch, but that would never sound as cool. Funny enough, the first room you pass by is the cake room, a superb multilevel display of hundred cakes, tarts, creams and sweets so evil you can’t help but take mental notes of what you’ll end your meal with. But already my eyes caught something even more irresistible. A huge ice bowl full of imported oysters and large mussels surrounded by king crab legs… you know the ones from ‘Deadliest Catch’ on Discovery Channel, but here, the only catch is that you can eat all you want! Christmas had come early!

Once I had my content of crabs and oysters, a large selection of imported salamis, smoked hams and prosciutto got my attention and once again, with a guilty look I overloaded my plate. And then I saw the ‘foie gras poell√©’, with a touch of sweet sauce… and once again, feel free to ask for more.

Walk around the central open kitchen and it’s a feast for the eyes, the list of beautifully displayed dishes would go on and on, and everyone would find his sweet spot. Don’t miss the beautiful roasts, New Zealand lamb and venison and I even saw pizza, who eats pizza at a luxury brunch? Anyway, I continued with some so-so sashimi. Even though those looked nice, I believe guests staying at the St Regis have higher expectations regarding sashimi, so better skip those. Peking duck and cod fish cooked to order were great, and so was the excellent lobsters.

Can we move to the cakes now? Wait… we missed something! The last room, a bit hidden from view, is a treasure trove of cheeses. Coming in all sizes and shapes, but mostly all kind of smells, cheeses were just calling my name! (I’m French remember?). From soft creamy to deliciously stinky cheeses, I was a kid in a smelly toy shop. Some pecorino Italian cheeses were more than three years old and just to cut a cube of these left me out of breath, but the reward was worth the effort. Ok, you can move to the cake room now… if you still can!

So overall, the St Regis brunch might look a bit less impressive on the choice and size of display, but the quality of the imported foods are great and thinking of if, a dinner in a fancy restaurant would actually cost more, so I’ll do it again.

St Regis Bangkok on 159 Rajadamri Road
Open 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Tel: 02 207 7819 or 02 207 7777
BTS Ratchadamri

Sunday Brunch at St Regis
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