Speakeasy Rooftop Bar at Hotel Muse

Speakeasy Rooftop Bar at Hotel Muse

Speakeasy Rooftop Bar at Hotel Muse

Speakeasy Rooftop Bar at Hotel Muse on Langsuan street is not your usual rooftop bar: like the entire hotel, Speakeasy displays a convoluted Art-Deco design to create a fancy atmosphere. And it’s a partial success. The lobby of the Speakeasy is nicely crafted but rather dark, like the rest of the hotel. The staff is politely welcoming but rather strict on the sitting as it can get busy.

The rooftop at Speakeasy consists on two levels, the lowest floor is unfortunately very small and narrow and can only accommodate few small tables along the rail, plus the bar where cocktails are prepared. It’s a bit cramped so don’t bring your big camera bag as we did, you wouldn’t know what to do with it. The view is also not particularly impressive since Speakeasy faces the long line of skyscrapers on the other side of the street. It has a certain charm but it’s nowhere as impressive as Sky Bar or Vertigo or even the nearby Char at Indigo Hotel.

Speakeasy Rooftop Bar

Above is another larger rooftop you reach by sliding a hidden door (it’s a speakeasy, remember?) The floor above is covered with artificial grass and offers the privacy of small circular private rooms. The open area is more spacious but offers very little view and get extremely dark, a good place to take your new or your other girlfriend apparently.

Overall Speakeasy Rooftop Bar has a certain charm and succeeds quite well at recreating a speakeasy atmosphere but without the views and the space it’s quite not enough.

Speakeasy Bar at Muse Hotel

Speakeasy Bar BangkokSpeakeasy Rooftop Bar

Open: 6 PM – 1 AM
Address: 55/555 Langsuan Road
Tel: +66 (0) 2 630 4000
BTS: Chidlom then a bit of walk or taxi

Speakeasy Rooftop Bar Location Map

Speakeasy Rooftop Bar at Hotel Muse
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