Sky Bar at Lebua Hotel Bangkok

Sky Bar at Lebua Hotel Bangkok

Sky Bar at Lebua

Sky Bar at Lebua Hotel on top of the State Tower is without a doubt the most visited rooftop bar in Bangkok. It was already famous since the opening for its unique location not far from the river, its staggering 62 floors height and mostly for its iconic golden dome. After being featured in the Hangover II, it suddenly became a must on every traveller’s list. Now is it my favourite bar? Not quite.

Sky Bar Rooftop Bar Bangkok

Sky bar stands majestically above the rest of Bangkok and wherever you stand on this rooftop, the view is breathtaking. Once you step out of the dome, the first thing you see if the large staircase leading to this bar itself where a circular counter glows of an ever-changing color. Unfortunately taking this photo from the top of the stairs is not allow, a security staff makes sure you won’t. I asked why, supposedly it’s to avoid accidents which I didn’t really believe since I was not standing by the stairs but by a safe side mezzanine. I think they want to keep the copyrights to that angle.

Sky Bar Rooftop at State Tower

Views from the bar area is no less impressive. With a sea of roofs down below and the skylines of the ever-growing skyscrapers of Bangkok divided by the mighty Chao Phraya River and the gigantic golden dome in the foreground, it’s hard to beat this feeling to be on top of the world.

However, what made Lebua famous is also its downside. Sure it’s expensive, but it always was and a beer can cost you 320++ and imported 400++ baht for an imported Italian beer (they don’t server local beer anymore, I bet the price of 450 ++ for a glass was too shocking). If you don’t know yes what ++ means, you’ll have to add 10% service charge and 7 Government tax… that’s would actually cost you 376 and 494 baht. A glass of wine would start at 640++. But the place has become so crowded, you just stand there with your glass in the middle of an elegant crowd slowly trying to make their way to the edge for the compulsory photo. Nowhere to seats, no space to talk, not a romantic experience, definitely not the place you would pick to unwind at the end of long exploration day.

The restaurant is very unique, more spacious than any other rooftop dining in town, but very expensive and not as good as you would expect it to be for the price you paid. It could have been bad luck but all the dishes arrived cold on the day we had dinner there. Maybe the wind was stronger than usual in such altitude, but since the bill was the same…

So it is definitely a nice place, a photo to take and a memory to bring back home, but if your idea is to sit down and enjoy the sun going down while having a romantic chat, better go to Red Sky at Centara or Vertigo at Banyan Tree.

Sky Bar Bangkok Rooftop

Sky Bar

Open: daily from 06.00 pm – 01.00 am
Address: 61st Floor, The Dome at lebua, Silom Road, Bangrak
: (+66) 2624-9555
Sky Bar Dress Code: Smart Casual

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スカイバー バンコク を日本語で読む

sky-bar-lebua-bangkok sky-bar-rooftop-lebua-bangkok
sky-bar-rooftop-bar-bangkok sky-bar-rooftop-bar

Sky Bar Location Map

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Sky Bar at Lebua Hotel Bangkok
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