Siam Paragon

Siam Paragon

Siam Paragon

Siam Paragon is the mother of all malls in Bangkok, and Bangkok ‘mall culture’ is massive. So massive that the Rama 1 road stretching from MBK to Central Embassy is nicknamed the shopping mile, with an estimated 4,500 shops and 1,285,000 square meters of shopping surface (probably more now!)

Siam Paragon Bangkok

Siam Paragon aims at the upmarket clientele but ends up being a tourist destination on its own. Amazingly, it was the most photographed landmark on Instagram in 2013… worldwide. Since several major shopping malls are in this area, Siam Paragon is a bit of a logical starting point your shopping spree.

Siam Paragon Department Store

What do people like about Siam Paragon

The mall is immense but the geography of it is quite simple and logical, not like the next largest mall CentralWorld where you get lost almost every time. The Mall has a L shape gallery with all the usual high-end fashion shop and a massive department store in the middle. There is no need to list the brands found here, you know them and all the names are here.

Siam Paragon

What makes Siam Paragon Special

Direct access from the most central BTS station Siam is of course a big plus. The plaza outside the mall with its fountain is a popular meeting point and a permanent photo opportunity. A large part of the department store is dedicated to Thai fashion designers and if you are not familiar with these, you should have a look, they are actually very good.

The lower floor is an endless collection of restaurants and food stalls, from local cuisine to very sophisticated cuisine. We all know that people go to malls on weekend to eat first, then to shop and Siam Paragon takes full advantage of this.

The food has become such a customer magnet, and entire section of the 4th floor has been added with even more restaurants.

Sealife Bangkok Aquarium

Below the food floor is SEALIFE immense Aquarium and its underwater tunnel. It’s great but usually considered too expensive for tourists since the price they have to pay is higher than local price. At the top floor you will find huge movie theaters, including IMAX and the one we enjoy most: the VIP Theater with fully reclining sofas with pillows and blankets.

Kidzania Bangkok

Kidzania occupies a large space at the top floor near the cinemas, offering a chance for young kids to actually pay real money to pretend to do a job! They learn how to fix cars, extinguish an imaginary building fire, extract some teeth from a mannequin of cook some hamburger at McDonald’s. That’s weird but they love it…

Siam Paragon VIP Cinemas

Siam Paragon is a good mall in a great location with plenty of things to see and do even without having to really spend money, probably our favourite mall in Bangkok.

Once you are done with your little movie and your little casual lunch you can buy yourself a little Rolls Royce… or a Lamborghini if you are a little short in cash.

Rolls Royce shop at Siam Paragon Bangkok

Siam Paragon Location Map

Siam Paragon
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