Osha Bangkok

Osha Bangkok

Osha Bangkok

Osha Bangkok is one of the fanciest and most upmarket Thai restaurants in Bangkok and still relatively new in the capital. Originally from San Francisco where they run five restaurants, Osha serve Thai food with a light twist, created by talented Thai chefs.

Standing high and proud at the corner of Wireless and Ruamrudee roads opposite of Lumpini park, the building is massive and even intimidating. We first tried it soon after the opening and while it was not bad, the first experience was not as striking as the design. At the time the cuisine was a little too complicated to our taste. So, we originally didn’t ranked this restaurant so high and forgot about it… until today.

Overall this new experience at Osha Bangkok was a success. We  will go back and even take friends with us: good Thai food is meant to be shared!

We happened to walk by Osha Bangkok and one thing we learned from years of intensive restaurant reviews is that every restaurant deserves a second chance. This dinner was about to prove how correct this guideline can be!

We walked through the majestic doors, and since you can see inside from street level, we were wondering how busy can such large restaurant have become. Osha Bangkok can accommodate a large amount of guests and a year before it wasn’t that busy, and there is not much buzz about it, so we were a little anxious. To our surprise, Osha Bangkok was almost full, buzzing with guests’ conversation, including the second floor!

The design is unique and impressive, super high ceiling, two floor high curtains, golden circular bar topped with an immense traditional Thai crown headdress decoration. The result could be a little kitsch but with the lively atmosphere it is actually quite beautiful.

We were invited to sit at one of the few free tables left and offered the menu and a couple of free fizzy drinks were offered to us. From that moment on went from one good surprise to the next. The atmosphere was lively and relaxed; the team was efficient and friendly without acting sophisticated (service can feel stiff in high-end restaurants). The food presentation was beautiful, the food was excellent and the prices, including the wine were not as high as in our memory. So basically, Osha Bangkok appeared to be a very good and very successful restaurant.

So many dishes on the menu sounded tempting. We ordered 5 dishes with the usual question in mind, is it going to be too much? That’s every small eater’s dilemma.

The food is very Thai with an elegant decoration, but just a tiny twist in taste and remaining authentically Thai in taste. Some dishes were really spicy, even for Thai. We went for the real Thai treats: Crispy pork ears (yes!) (270 Baht), Poached oysters with kafir lime foam served on a bed of blue salt crust (250 baht), a very authentic and excellent Tom Sai Bua soup with lotus stems (350 baht), Steamed sea bass with spicy lime sauce (550 baht) that tasted very local but with a more elegant presentation.

Everything without exception was delicious, team always prompt and speaking a very good English, polite and friendly, price is a little high but a lot less than it used to be. Overall this new experience at Osha Bangkok was a complete success. We sure will go back and even take friends with us… good Thai food is meant to be shared!

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Osha Restaurant

Lunch: 11 am – 2:30 pm
Dinner: 6 pm – 11 pm, Sat & Sun: 6 pm – midnight
Address: 99 Wireless Rd
Dress code: smart casual
Bookings: you can book your table right here

 Advance Reservations
Advance Reservations

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Osha Bangkok
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