MBK Shopping Mall Bangkok – Mah Boon Krong Mall

MBK Shopping Mall Bangkok – Mah Boon Krong Mall
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MBK Shopping Mall Bangkok


MBK, or MahBoonKrong, is one of the oldest and best known shopping malls in Bangkok, almost a landmark! If you have been to Bangkok, chances are you already went there. Renovated in recent years it is a lot more agreeable to explore than it used to be, brighter, cleaner and just as crowded! The amount of shops cramped in this giant building is just mind-blowing.
Each floor is dedicated to a range of product: on the ground floor you will find a large amount of cosmetics and beauty articles. If you are tempted, make sure these are real; sometimes prices are too good to be true. A large area is also dedicated to the gold and jewelry shops; which are hopefully more authentic.
The second and third floors are were all the clothing, shoes, sports shops and fashion are found including some brand names but mostly casual wear. Prices in shops are usually not fixed; so don’t forget to bargain to get some good discounts.
The most popular and the most talked about has always been the fourth floor with its huge electronic and mobile phones section where you can find all the new or second hand models or buy a lucky phone number. And what would be  the electronic zone of a shopping mall in Thailand without the many DVD copy shops selling the latest released movies, not always of the best quality.
Fifth floor is my favourite with some seriously well stocked photo shops displaying everything from compact Leica to some massive 600 mm canon zoom lenses. On the same floor is the other star feature of MBK: the food court. Actually MBK has now two food courts, the original one serving typical Thai ‘street food’ is always very busy, especially during weekends. Usually food courts in shopping malls are convenient but not necessarily serving great food, but here it looks like local shops actually moved in the shopping mall, and this certainly contributed to its success.
The second and new food court call ‘Fifth Food Avenue’ is strongly inspired by the excellent ‘Loft’ at Central Chidlom, aiming at a more sophisticated clientele with a more cozy atmosphere. Fifth Food Avenue serves Japanese, European, Indian, Vietnamese and even Mexican food in a fancy decor but is not yet very successful.
MBK is also home of two departments stores: the Japanese ‘Tokyu’ and the home-ware specialist ‘Index Living Mall’.
The 7th floor is dedicated to the entertainment with the usual bowling, cinemas and a large karaoke mixed with all the food franchise always found in Thai shopping malls.

MBK is connected directly to the BTS ‘National Stadium’ station and is just opposite of Siam Discovery and very near to Siam Paragon. The opposite side of MBK is connected via a walking bridge to the Bonanza mall where you’ll find lots of teenage accessories and school uniforms, and next to it is Siam Square, another crazy shopping.

MBK Shopping Mall Bangkok

Open daily from 10am to 10pm.

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