Asiatique the Riverfront in Bangkok

Asiatique the Riverfront in Bangkok

Asiatique the Riverfront

Asiatique the Riverfront shopping & entertainment is simply… gigantic. Divided in four distinct zones, the theme is all about the past of Bangkok as a trading harbour and is a long lasting success with photographers!


In the 19th century and under the reign of King Rama V, ‘Port of East Asiatic’ was the first pier of Thailand where people could trade with international countries. This landmark of Bangkok located on Chareon Krung Road once completed will featured more than two thousand retail souvenir, home decoration, fashions and accessories shops! Even the famous but defunct Joe Louis Theatre puppet show which used to be in the now closed night bazaar will be reborn with a new grandeur, as well as one of these ladyboy slash katoey slash transgender cabaret show now so popular in Thailand, the Calypso Cabaret.


Asiatique the Riverfront is divided in four districts: ‘Chareonkrung District’ where entertainment takes place, ‘Town Square’ where thousands of tiny boutiques are neatly aligned up under a massive factory looking roof, ‘Factory District’ is where you find dining and coffee shops, and ‘Waterfront District’ with biergartens on large wooden terraces offer sweeping views on Bangkok skyline over the Chao Phraya River.


The shopping and dining is not very sophisticated, at least at this stage. The only dining you’ll find are the usual suspect: KFC, MK and some smaller franchises, but some ‘Coming Soon’ names seem to predict some more fun dining including a Teppanyaki (in case you enjoy the cooking show more than the food itself) and a ‘Fine French Cuisine’. We’ll de happy to try them and give you our honest opinion.

Asiatique the Riverfront is an entertainment in itself… it really seems that the designers learned from the success of ‘Palio’ the extremely successful Italian shopping village in Kao Yai, the diversity of ‘Chatuchak Market’ and the fun of Rod Fai Market. And to wrap it all, I think this will fill the gap left by the ‘Suan Lum Night Bazaar’… people still ask us about!



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Asiatique the Riverfront in Bangkok
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